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Romaine Kuonen is an artist from Switzerland with family roots in southern Italy. Influenced by her artistically active father, she learned the craft of figurative painting from childhood. Central themes of her current artistic work are changes of perspective. Different perceptions of hidden things in nature and in different habitats are processed in several working steps and new compositions with acrylic, watercolor, oil, photography and digital experiments on canvas and paper. Influences from her own life story, emotions and experiences are sources of inspiration for her meaningful paintings, as well as the symbolism of legends and mythologies. She pursues continuous development of her artistic skills with various artists in abstract painting and watercolor painting.


Cooperation in CONTEMPORARY ART projects since 2022 with Hadi Mohammadkhani Iran:

Art & Performance combined and depicted in artistic works with great radiance and energy. Connections between culture and inspiration blurs boundaries barriers. Part of the Musa Art Catalogue 2022, Rom.

Member of the Swiss Society of Woman Artists in the Visual Arts, SGBK.

1. Place Art-Price Winner

Portrait 2.jpeg


Private education by her father Gino Walz-Mocchetti. Since 1990, Experimental autodidact and various training and inspiration courses in watercolor, acrylic with Hanspeter Fiechter, Esteban Perez, Karin Frank.


Sagen & Mythologien - Collection - August 2021 // INFOS



2022 SGBK Jubiläumsausstellung, Kirche Härkingen, Romaine Kuonen with one common work with Hadi Mohammadkhani Iran


2023 Soloexhibition  Residence Naters

2023 Soloexhibition  Galerie Kunstreich, Bern

2023 Soloexhibition  Galerie am Lindenhof Zürich


1987 Saal zur Linde Naters, Gruppenausstellung, Aquarelle
1991  Felix Grünwaldstiftung, Brig, Gruppenausstellung, Gips auf Leinen, Acryl
1991  Kreisspital Brig, Einzelausstellung, Aquarelle
1992  Raiffeisenbank Glis, Einzelausstellung, Aquarelle
1995  Felix Grünwaldstiftung, Brig, Gruppenausstellung, Acryl
2002 Privatklinik Wyss, Einzelausstellung, Aquarelle, Acryl
2003 Klinik REHAB Brig-Glis, Einzelausstellung, Aquarelle, Acryl
2004 Kirche Worb, Gruppenausstellung, Aquarelle, Acryl
2005 Kirche Worb, Einzelausstellung, Aquarelle, Acryl
2020 Schloss Köniz, Gruppenausstellung Verweef 1, Acryl, MixMedia
2021  Schloss Leuk, Gruppenausstellung Verweef 2, digitale Vernissage und digitale Ausstellung
2021  Alter Werkhof Brig, Gruppenausstellung Verweef 3, «Hiä bi iisch» Acryl, MixMedia

2021  Swissart Expo Zürich
2022 Thomson Gallery digital Exhibition.
2022 Digitale internationale Ausstellung Galleryone962, Italy
2022 Digitale Exhibition Gallery Novum Basel Art&Climat V;  1. Place Artprice Winner.

2022 SGBK Jubiläumsausstellung, Schloss Leuk, Acryl, Fineart

2022 Swissart Expo Zürich, Acryl/Oel

2022 Ein Sagenhafter Abend im Bernapark Art, Romaine Kuonen Art, Performance Hadi Mohammadkhani Iran, 

          Luciana Brusa Narratorie Wallis


Portrait 1.jpeg
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